Practice areas

The firm provides legal assistance in the following areas

Banking and financial crimes

The firm provides assistance to banking institutions and market operators – both as offended parties and as persons charged with committing criminal offences – in criminal proceedings relating to various types of offences encountered during the operations of the above-mentioned parties, from the most common – such as fraud and embezzlement – to the technically more complex.

Crimes against property

The firm has gained in-depth experience in the area of property crime, with particular reference to fraud, the offences of receiving stolen goods, money laundering, and provides assistance both in and out of court.

Criminal tax law

The firm provides judicial and extrajudicial assistance in criminal tax law field – in favour of natural persons and legal entities – in all aspects concerning criminal profiles, with particular regard to cases of tax evasion and fraud, omitted, untrue and fraudulent declarations, issuance of invoices for non-existent transactions and, more generally, to the offences sanctioned under Decree 74/2000.

Insolvency and corporate criminal law

The firm provides legal assistance in cases concerning corporate offences and corporate crisis-related offences, both in and out of court, with particular reference to cases of bankruptcy and false accounting and, more generally, to cases sanctioned under the civil Code and the bankruptcy Code.

Industrial and trade offences

Assistance is provided in criminal litigation – also in favour of leading companies, leaders in their respective markets – relating to disruption of industry, fraud in the company activities and counterfeiting cases.

Crimes against Public Administration

The firm provides assistance in proceedings relating to offences against Public Administration, in particular bribery cases, also thanks to the constant updating to the new rules and laws regulating the above-mentioned offences.


The firm – availing of the collaboration of technical highly expert consultants – provides judicial and extrajudicial assistance to natural and legal persons for offences connected to the illicit use of new technologies, having gained specific expertise in the field, with particular reference to anauthorised access to computer and telematic systems.

Offences related to the workplace safety

The firm provides legal assistance in accident prevention and occupational health and safety matters, assisting natural and legal persons, including foreign ones.

Environmental crimes

The firm has been involved in articulated litigation in the environmental field and is constantly updated on regulatory and jurisprudential innovations concerning, in particular, the the Criminal Code.

Liability pursuant to the Decree 231/01

The firm also provides legal assistance to corporations in relation to their liability arising from offences, in connection with the incriminating cases under Decree 231/01.